The day I shed two tears

I remember that day you took that flight. It was the day it bruised my heart and broke me apart.

I do not want to see you go. For my love for you has grown. Loving you is worth the risk.

It has been a while since I last saw you. I want you here next to me. Whisper words I so want to hear. In peaceful dream I can still see you. Singing sweet songs to keep you in my mind. Let me feel your heart beat again. I long to share the sunrise with you. To say how much I love you.

It is crazy how this girl’s heart can love so much.

For that day you left was when the day I wept.

Love me or let me go

Promises of tomorrow

Enduring the pain

Nothing was gain

Keep the water still

Sailing calmly, I will

Memory of the past

This thing has to last

Letting go is all that is left

Rain has fallen as I wept

Coping without you over the years

I remember that day i shed two tears



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