About the chic

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Hi there!My name is Erl and I am a self-proclaimed writer, a social traveler and a wannabee goddess.  I am the wandering chicken behind all of these.
Just like a headless chicken, I wander around aimlessly and take spontaneous trips just to see the sunset.
I am an employee of one of the prestigious airlines in the world based in Dubai.  On top of that I am a freelance makeup artist who express art on people’s face (in a beautiful way).
Travel is something I fancy when I was a child.  Now that I am able to travel (on cheap airline tickets ), I get to discover the country’s rich culture, diversity and history.  Most of the time I travel on my own but occasionally I tag along with friends.
I travel on a number of reasons, mostly for leisure and i get my art inspiration from around the world.
You may contact me at info@thespontaneouschicken.com.

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