That girl who chose to travel

She has the inner desire to explore and see the world.

She embraces her life today but still plans for the future.

She is sophisticated but still edgy. She is open-minded. She sometimes doesn’t make sense.

She saves up for another adventure.

She is often times dreamy because she is plotting her next destination.

She wants to break-free but knows where she’s going.

She refuses to party but wants to go out. She is up for something new.  She feels the need of that thrill of experience.

She gets involved with different activities. She gets sunburn but doesn’t seem to mind.

She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

She is unpredictable. She is random. She is spontaneous.



Say HELLO in 10 different Languages

When travelling, greeting is by far the most important thing to do in creating a good impression.  A simple HELLO could brighten someone up. Who would forget the epic “You had me at hello.” from the movie Jerry Maguire.

Which is why, I have outlined 10 ways to say HELLO or Good Morning in 10 different languages.


  1. Dutch – hoi (very informal), hallo (informal), goedendag (formal)
  2. French – salut (informal; silent ‘t’), bonjour (formal, for daytime use; ‘n’ as a nasal vowel)
  3. German – hallo (informal), Guten Tag (formal; pronounced gootan taag), Tag (very informal; pronounced taack)
  4. Irish – “Dia duit” (pronounced “Deah Duit”; also means “God Be With You”)
  5. Islamic Greeting  – Assalamou Alykoum means peace be upon you.
  6. Japanese – ohayoou gozaimasu (pronounced o-ha-yo (go-zai-mass) means Good Morning
  7. Korean – ahn nyeong ha se yo (formal; pronouned on-nyoung-ha-say-yo)
  8. Russian – Privet! pronounced as pree-vyet (informal), zdravstvuyte (formal; pronounced ZDRA-stvooy-tyeh)
  9. Scottish – howzitgaun (informal, means “Hello, how are you?”)
  10. Spanish – hola (pronounced with a silent ‘h’: o-la)

Prague – checking the Czechs

Whilst this article is titled as Prague, my adventure actually began in Vienna.

It was a gruesome fight over the last few seats for the Prague flight when finally the counter announced that nobody were accepted! Bugger! The cheap airline staff tickets pay its toll! All my plans suddenly fell apart.  Good thing Vienna – scheduled 50 minutes later than Prague – was slightly open.  I got in alright but with no hotel, no itinerary, no plans!! – good job for a first time traveler to Europe!

I was nervous but I know I’ll be fine. True enough my arrival in Vienna went well. I had to seek help with few strangers (information counter helped) then I eventually got into a train to Prague.

So again, i was heading to Prague without hotel booking.  I thought i can book the hotel whilst in train but alas – No wifi!

I had to write down my itinerary on a piece of paper as my phone battery was running low. At 9:45pm, it was a nightmare finding the hotel with no internet. I had to find it the traditional way – hardcore 2-Euro map! And since i was a genius of not booking my hotel prior, i got refused check-in as they were full.  Thankfully my sanity was still intact and i still remain my cool.  Before i left, reception called me and offered me a room for one night.  What music to my ears! Luck was still on my side after all.

The following day i braved the streets of Prague alone.  The timeless buildings amazed me.  I visited the remarkable Prague Castle, walked across the Charles bridge, visited museums and walk around the city.  I bought a slice of pizza and a bottle of orange juice and took them by the river bank.  I sat down by the bench and had my lunch while watching the river flow, the swans gliding and the picturesque view!!! Priceless moment!

I went at a restaurant in the old town Prague for dinner.  I had their Old town ham which was the yummiest pork i have ever eaten.  Drank pilsner – their local beer.  Then listened to street performers nearby.

Hotel booking got sorted out and gave me room for the rest of my stay.  Thanks to the one who cancelled last minute.

I managed to explore the rest of Prague by foot, tram and train.  I skipped the tours to save money.  It was lovely walking around town and even dining alone al fresco way.

View of Prague






Visiting Vietnam

noodle me this

HOLIDAY – two words that best describe my feelings during holidays – ecstatic and impulsive.

As we got a 3-day long weekend, it was time to FLY OUT again.

Two clueless chickens who were looking for a beach getaway ended up packing for a trip to Vietnam.

It was a trip like we never had before. We travelled 2 hours from Saigon to check out the beach, took a day tour to explore the city, and spent the night in the middle of the street along with United Nation backpackers within the area.

I love short breaks and weekend getaways.

United Nations hangin' around

United Nations of backpackers hangin’ around

bottoms up

bottoms up

cruising around town

cruising around town

food trip

food trip