Le Kiss

Echoes of the desert
Cry of a wolf
Thrill of chaos
This body next to yours

Gentle touch of your lips
Your arms wrap to mine
Sensational feeling
Keep the fire burning

Whispers of eternity
Moon shines on you and me
Under the starry night
Let this dream come true tonight

But there is nothing we can do
Letting go is all we can pull through
Sweet dreams of an autumn bliss
Longing for that true love’s kiss


The day I shed two tears

I remember that day you took that flight. It was the day it bruised my heart and broke me apart.

I do not want to see you go. For my love for you has grown. Loving you is worth the risk.

It has been a while since I last saw you. I want you here next to me. Whisper words I so want to hear. In peaceful dream I can still see you. Singing sweet songs to keep you in my mind. Let me feel your heart beat again. I long to share the sunrise with you. To say how much I love you.

It is crazy how this girl’s heart can love so much.

For that day you left was when the day I wept.

Love me or let me go

Promises of tomorrow

Enduring the pain

Nothing was gain

Keep the water still

Sailing calmly, I will

Memory of the past

This thing has to last

Letting go is all that is left

Rain has fallen as I wept

Coping without you over the years

I remember that day i shed two tears


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

credit: http://www.brainpickings.org

Here’s an insight from the quality chicken who is positive that she came first before the egg.

Which came first?

The chicken or the egg?

The dilemma goes on and on.

After a delightful conversation with a friend about an age-old question on ” Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, it occurred to me that even people with great minds can end up twisted with this infinite loop question. We can choose to engage in a long complex debate all day but will never come up with a definite answer. Instead it will wind up igniting a next silly fight and possibly a make-up sex.

What is rather appealing is the provoking sense of the question that opens a can of worms. It invites us to reason and think of what could be the possible answer.

One can choose to be scientific or philosophical, but the answer no longer matters as you have fallen for the bait of reasoning. The different answers suggest that everyone has different ideas and point of view. This question is designed that way. So don’t even try to argue – your brain will only hurt.

As for me, I am positive that I came first – simply because I believe so.