November Haiku



The ballad of a wolf

Dance me through the rain
As this heart longs for you
This statue laments
Singing the hymns of hope

Kissing you softly
Hugging you gently
This heart sings for you only

Embraced in your arms
Lost in your misty eyes
That loving touch
That mystical grin

Fun, fearless, fatal
Body of a tiger
Heart of a sheep
Let the notes fall so deep

I miss you, alright
Like the sun misses the morning at night
Clean the sorrow
Bring back sunshine tomorrow

Do I love you?
You know how I feel
Praying for that endless love
As this heart aches to heal.


The missing shade of blue

Gentle and kind lover
You are a gift so dear, I treasure.
Life has a funny destiny
Memory of an unfinished love story.

“I love you”, you said.
Do you remember what it has led?
For none of them knew
That we felt something very true.

I love you but it’s just not right
Even if I dream of you every night.
No matter what I do
I always think of you.

Satisfied by watching many sunsets
As nature pours forth its very best.
But my deepest fears
Was love’s eternal tears.

I love you most when you love me least.
Just like any great love story.
I know love is an attitude
But nothing can break this solitude.

Alone I sat,
Recalling what we’ve chat.
How difficult it is to stop the heart from loving
As it paints a deep emotion of time passing.

Love truly, Kiss slowly, Hurt gently
Setting love free until eternity
What I felt for you is something true
For I knew it was the missing shade of blue.