That girl who chose to travel

She has the inner desire to explore and see the world.

She embraces her life today but still plans for the future.

She is sophisticated but still edgy. She is open-minded. She sometimes doesn’t make sense.

She saves up for another adventure.

She is often times dreamy because she is plotting her next destination.

She wants to break-free but knows where she’s going.

She refuses to party but wants to go out. She is up for something new.  She feels the need of that thrill of experience.

She gets involved with different activities. She gets sunburn but doesn’t seem to mind.

She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

She is unpredictable. She is random. She is spontaneous.



Why I love travelling and you should too

I knew that the first time I took that international flight to Dubai, I will be travelling a lot more than I wish for. Being in the Middle East has opened doors of opportunities in exploring its nearby countries as it serves as a hub to travel to Europe and Asia.

Travelling gives me the excitement of change – change of environment, the climate, the people I talk to, the food I eat, and so on.. That feeling of discovering a city makes it so much fun. The world gets smaller and smaller.

While taking trips can be loads of fun, it can also take its toll. Aside from being costly, the chore of packing and unpacking is a nightmare. It can also be dangerous too – walking on unfamiliar streets and allies.

But overall, it is the great adventure that you experience firsthand as you see life unfolds before your very eyes. And I do not want to miss that. For travel is a degree which one can do in comfort and style outside the four-cornered walls.

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.  – G.K. Chesterton


Opportunities to travel don’t often come along… so when you get the chance, go grab it like there is no tomorrow!



My life is like a book filled with many chapters. I travel not to escape life but for life not to escape me. I travel for travel’s sake.


Taken in the alleys of Montmarte where everyone has freedom to express art.

My Paris Diaries: A walk through Montmartre

Claimed to be an artist’s haven in Paris, Montmartre is the atelier of many artists including Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh to name a few.

It is an incredibly unique and interesting village popularly known as the bohemian hub of Paris with its quirky bars and cafes, splattering vintage shops and independent galleries.

The steps towards the Sacre Coeur Basilica (the white dome church) were narrow and steep but when you reach to the top, the magnificent view of Paris and its surroundings were worth the pain.

You can find mills in corners, its narrow streets, art galleries, striking graffiti and countless cafés and restaurants serving good qualify food.

It is a place hard to miss on a first visit – especially for an artist.


Sacre Coeur Basilica

the famous Pink café

the famous Pink café

houses in Montmartre are lovely to look at

houses in Montmartre are lovely to look at

artist at work

artist at work


Montmartre neighborhood


windmills in Montmartre


the famous cabaret in the district – Moulin Rouge

Prague – checking the Czechs

Whilst this article is titled as Prague, my adventure actually began in Vienna.

It was a gruesome fight over the last few seats for the Prague flight when finally the counter announced that nobody were accepted! Bugger! The cheap airline staff tickets pay its toll! All my plans suddenly fell apart.  Good thing Vienna – scheduled 50 minutes later than Prague – was slightly open.  I got in alright but with no hotel, no itinerary, no plans!! – good job for a first time traveler to Europe!

I was nervous but I know I’ll be fine. True enough my arrival in Vienna went well. I had to seek help with few strangers (information counter helped) then I eventually got into a train to Prague.

So again, i was heading to Prague without hotel booking.  I thought i can book the hotel whilst in train but alas – No wifi!

I had to write down my itinerary on a piece of paper as my phone battery was running low. At 9:45pm, it was a nightmare finding the hotel with no internet. I had to find it the traditional way – hardcore 2-Euro map! And since i was a genius of not booking my hotel prior, i got refused check-in as they were full.  Thankfully my sanity was still intact and i still remain my cool.  Before i left, reception called me and offered me a room for one night.  What music to my ears! Luck was still on my side after all.

The following day i braved the streets of Prague alone.  The timeless buildings amazed me.  I visited the remarkable Prague Castle, walked across the Charles bridge, visited museums and walk around the city.  I bought a slice of pizza and a bottle of orange juice and took them by the river bank.  I sat down by the bench and had my lunch while watching the river flow, the swans gliding and the picturesque view!!! Priceless moment!

I went at a restaurant in the old town Prague for dinner.  I had their Old town ham which was the yummiest pork i have ever eaten.  Drank pilsner – their local beer.  Then listened to street performers nearby.

Hotel booking got sorted out and gave me room for the rest of my stay.  Thanks to the one who cancelled last minute.

I managed to explore the rest of Prague by foot, tram and train.  I skipped the tours to save money.  It was lovely walking around town and even dining alone al fresco way.

View of Prague






Hong Kong Express

early morning walk in the park

Mid morning.. I’m just about to start my second meeting.. my unread e-mails rose up to 437.. deadline of tasks were an hour away.. multiple reports to close.. not to mention, I’m drinking the last gulp of my ‘already cold’ coffee over a growling stomach.

Yes! A typical Thursday for me. But the thought of yet another boring weekend added the pressure.  What shall I do? Where shall I go?

Two hours later, I was on the plane bound to Hong Kong.

The 7-hour flight from Dubai to Hong Kong was enough to figure out a plan when I arrive.  At least I got my hotel booked based on an “eeny meeny miny mo” choice online.  With me also was a random one day itinerary I also got from google.

The goal for this trip is to DE STRESS.  Me over thinking of a plan isn’t distressing.  So I put down my pen and rely on fate!


These were few of the things I did on my brief stay in Hong Kong.  What happens to my one-day itinerary that I googled? It became a my flip flop wrap.

Sometimes in life, we must learn how to trust our surroundings rather than technology.  Talk to people to find out directions, look up the sky to check the weather, listen to nature to hear it’s music.  Get lost, get dirty, get excited. Hong Kong never failed me.

WHERE I STAYED: Harbour Plaza Resort City Hotel Tower 1
PLACE: Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong
DURATION: 2 days (Friday and Saturday)
TRIP: Going Solo
LIKES:  The food, the park, the community, the hotel, the mall
DISLIKES:  Communication challenge – it was hard to order food

loving the serenity of the place

loving the serenity of the place

eat like there's no tomorrow

eat like there’s no tomorrow