That girl who chose to travel

She has the inner desire to explore and see the world.

She embraces her life today but still plans for the future.

She is sophisticated but still edgy. She is open-minded. She sometimes doesn’t make sense.

She saves up for another adventure.

She is often times dreamy because she is plotting her next destination.

She wants to break-free but knows where she’s going.

She refuses to party but wants to go out. She is up for something new.  She feels the need of that thrill of experience.

She gets involved with different activities. She gets sunburn but doesn’t seem to mind.

She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

She is unpredictable. She is random. She is spontaneous.



The ballad of a wolf

Dance me through the rain
As this heart longs for you
This statue laments
Singing the hymns of hope

Kissing you softly
Hugging you gently
This heart sings for you only

Embraced in your arms
Lost in your misty eyes
That loving touch
That mystical grin

Fun, fearless, fatal
Body of a tiger
Heart of a sheep
Let the notes fall so deep

I miss you, alright
Like the sun misses the morning at night
Clean the sorrow
Bring back sunshine tomorrow

Do I love you?
You know how I feel
Praying for that endless love
As this heart aches to heal.


Wonders of Makeup

My name is Erl and I do makeup.

It all started with photography… After a handful of photography classes, an established photography club nominated me to attend a workshop on makeup basics. I accepted without hesitation and before I knew it, I was in love with makeup.

My passion in learning about this new love started in 2009 and everyday it grew more and more. What excites me now are the opportunities to meet a lot of people and to be a blessing to them. As a makeup artist, I am inspired by the amazing things makeup can do to a person. The confidence that you get is truly empowering and that gives me a great job satisfaction.

I am in the makeup artist industry for over 5 years with most experience in weddings and events. My makeup credentials are mostly self-taught and attending a handful of Makeup workshops in US and Australia. I have completed a course on hairstyling from Sharon Blain Education in Gold Coast, Australia of which one of my strengths in this profession.

Want a striking ‘look’ that will make your special day or a photo shoot more memorable? Let me show you what makeup can do.


IMATS NY – The great Makeup Trade Show


IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is the world’s biggest gathering of Makeup Artist and makeup artist enthusiast to discuss, display and collect the best of what the makeup industry has to offer.

Coming to New York for this event was a dream come true!  Makeup was everywhere. Shopping was a little bit crazy because of the queue but it never stopped me.  Makeup demos from top notch Celebrity Makeup artists were the highlight of my trip.  Specially meeting face to face with my icons.  A truly amazing first time IMATS event.  Definitely more events to come.

IMATS NY at Pier 94 - entrance

IMATS NY at Pier 94 – entrance

exhibitors showcase their products (before pic)

exhibitors showcase their products (before)

exhibitors counter (during the event)

exhibitor’s counter (during the event)

my passion - my talent

what i also do

the Ferrari of Makeup Brushes - Hakuhodo Brushes from Japan

the Ferrari of Makeup Brushes – Hakuhodo Brushes from Japan

students in action

students in action

not just ordinary art - painted jeans!

not just ordinary artist (painted jeans)

one talented makeup artist on stage - Kevin James Bennet

one talented makeup artist on stage – Kevin James Bennet

the fantabulous and talented MUA - Sam Fine

the fantabulous and talented makeup artist – Sam Fine

the tightest hug from my favorite Aussie Makeup Artist whom i look up the most - Rae Morris

the tightest hug from my favorite Aussie Makeup Artist whom i look up the most – Rae Morris

look at the audience - glad to be at the front row

look at the audience – glad to be on front row