November Haiku



Enroute to the Victorian Alps – Falls Creek, Vic Australia

Bright>Mt Beauty>Bogong Village>Falls Creek

Despite the lush greens and forestry surroundings, Victoria has a wonderful spot for skiing – indeed an alpine treasure.

My brother and few of our friends went off for a ski adventure at Falls Creek, Victoria.  But the adventure didn’t begin at the destination, rather it is all about the journey.

We couldn’t resist to stop over in Victoria’s mesmerizing towns and beautiful scenery – Bright Village, Mt. Beauty and Bogong Village.


One should not expect to conquer the slopes specially for a first timer like me.  The gentleman in the shop said “HAVE FUN – FORGET SAFETY, JUST HAVE FUN”.  Clearly skiing takes risk, guts and a whole lot of energy.

I was thinking of a cold crisp clean air and the shining sun but snow falls heavy while we were at the mountain.  First time to be in that kind of weather.

The resort was amazing.  It had the longest beginner terrain (Wombats Ramble) in Australia with 2.2km trail.  However, i have to skip taking this since my ski training was not polished enough to take the plunge.

Skiing is a great aerobic exercise.

The ski trip had me philosophical for a minute or two.  Every time I fall, there is no way but to get up.  It is like life – it is not how many times you fall but how many times you get back up.  Falling is part of the fun.


Ski Lesson with the Aussie-German instructor


Arrival at Falls Creek


stopped over for a taste of bright brewery


passed by a stag/deer park


creek over at Bright Village


after an exhausting ski lesson


getting ready


view of the alps while en route to Falls Creek


fun feeding the stag


Bright Village creekside


a stroll on Bright Village


yet another creek side